Susie Bauer


Marketing & Media Planning, Strategy and Analysis

Susie Bauer is an experienced Director of Marketing specializing in local store marketing and in store merchandising.

Susie has been marketing restaurants since 1987. After 17 years as Director of Marketing for a major restaurant chain, Susie started her own consulting business and has an impressive client list which includes 13 Coins Restaurants, Rikki Rikki, Paddy Coyne’s Irish Pub, Eastlake Bar & Grill, Southlake Grill, Greenlake Bar & Grill, Trader Vic’s, Tap House Grill, Dragonfish Asian Café and 5 Focus’ Café Mae.

Susie believes your marketing strategy should be driven from the inside out, not the outside in. She also believes in being consistent with your marketing efforts. Keep on track, stay current with menu offerings & trends and know what the market is looking for. The internet and hands on local store marketing, are her ideal ways to keep her restaurants sales increasing year after year. |