Woodblock Redmond – “All of these contributions have led us to early success.”

RGI assisted the owners of Woodblock (Tony & Carolyn Scott) with:

  1. finding the “right” real estate and helping negotiate a “better” deal
  2. assisting in the floor plan and overall design direction
  3. food & beverage menus in terms of direction and development
  4. locating a quality chef and bar manager,
  5. interviewing, hiring and training the staff
  6. developing the initial marketing & advertising programs
  7. installing proper financial systems & controls

Because of the thoroughness and attention to detail, Woodblock opened with a big impact on the community and was cash flow positive right from the beginning.

We follow up as needed with the owners and they are continuing their pathway to success.

Tony & Carolyn Scott wrote:

“Embarking on restaurant ownership requires a true entrepreneurial spirit and a bit of insanity. In an industry where the chance of failure is so high, it is imperative to build a solid support team. Hiring Arnold Shain and his team helped us achieve a great start. After sharing our ideas and goals we started our real estate search and found the perfect site for our concept and negotiate a fair contract. Along the way they helped us to design the restaurant aesthetic, double check our building costs, menu design and was a resource for a multitude of industry professionals. Having a HR professional on staff allowed us to find an incredible chef and bar manager, as well as, find and robustly train our staff.

All of these contributions have led us to early success. Best of all we always have a sounding board in our early stages. This kind of support has been very valuable in saving money, time and sanity. Thank you!”


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