Knowing the Highlights of Your Brand

Do you know what people like the most from your restaurant?
Can you become “famous” for these items and make them the “highlight” of your Brand?

Step 1. Tabulate
Go the reviews on the internet to see what the reviewers like the most. You can see this data at the top of the review page before the actual reviews. List 3-4 categories to see which the reviewers’ favorites are.

Before we go to the second step, I want to discuss what we are trying to accomplish. You want to push the restaurant’s notoriety for the “best” items you have in terms of the guest’s preferences so that you start an avalanche from the marketplace to come try these items thereby creating increased sales and an enhanced brand.

Step 2. Promote
Highlight these items on your menu, poster boards in the lobby, on the home page of your website, Facebook postings, POS receipts, etc.

Step 3. Quality Control
Review your recipes with the staff to ensure they are being prepared, presented as well as costed correctly. Are there any enhancements you might make to the item(s) to make them better?

Step 4. Enhancement – Keep the Ball Rolling
Can you ask each guest to write something to Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc. about these items? It will build your position in the marketplace with these items.

Step 5. Measure
Check your customer count on these items before and after to see the level of impact.

So, why do this in the first place?
In today’s competitive market one needs to play the hand they are dealt with vigor. I see many restaurants continue to do the same thing day in and day out without taking stock of how they might enhance their position in the marketplace with their brand. Therefore no real increase in top line sales.

I see many viable brands who actually do market and advertise their brand, but maybe not with specific products. Their top line does move, but maybe not to the extent that it could.

If you have reviewers saying you have certain items that are really outstanding then you need to tell the marketplace (1) why it is the best? and (2) you need to do this on an ongoing basis and be consistent with this message. This will move the sales.

Our team have built and enhanced a number of local brands with the owners and managers of those brands. We work with you on menu creation, design direction, marketing to the right people, developing meaningful financial reporting, funding, and real estate acquisition.

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