Promoting Gift Card Sales

Did you know that 30% of all gift cards purchases in restaurants go unredeemed?

We make a big deal of promoting gift card sales each and every year and each and every year our gift card sales go up. First, set a goal. It can be $5000, $10,000 or whatever you think makes sense. Do not set your goal too low!

Task List

  • Take inventory of gift cards, envelopes and card holders.
  • Set the dates – November 23-December 31.
  • You need POS for gift cards to include table tents, check presenters, danglers from the ceiling and/or lobby posters.
  • Decide on a guest incentive – it could be:
    • buy $100 and get $20 bonus card
    • buy $100 for $80
  • Develop a server/manager incentive and contest – use the LET’S SELL GIFT CARDS tracking sheet posted in the employee area.
    • First one to $500 gets $50 cash or anything you feel is appropriate.
    • First one to $1000 gets another $50 certificate.
  • Promote gift card sales on your social media weekly.
  • Coach staff per shift to reach their goals.
    • Maybe offer extra incentive one day per week. Anyone who sells $200 today gets $50. Pay the cash out at the end of shift.
    • Sometimes I’ve used an incentive with the guest that if they buy a card now, I’ll take 10% off of their bill. It works!

The end result is that staff will be excited which makes the guest excited. The service is better and the staff will sell more food and beverage at the table and the guest has a better time and everyone is happy.

Contact Restaurant Group

If you need a bit of coaching and encouragement call me and I can come to your business and help you. This is a really good promotion and you need to do it.

For more information or questions, please contact Arnold Shain at [email protected] or by phone at 206.679.1037.

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