Staff Retention and Longevity

Staffing Dilemmas

Here is what I hear from most independent operators:

  • I am not getting many people applying for jobs
  • How do I retain the people I do have?
  • How do we become more productive?

Staffing Solutions – Overview

While there are no quick fixes, we have found an adjustment on the part of ownership and management has worked wonders. Here is a quick overview of what needs to take place to turn dilemmas into

Example 1

Working with several management teams in terms of “belief in the concept” we have conducted several seminars to discuss the current beliefs and then took these current conditions and developed an “ideal” set of beliefs to what they wanted the concept to be. We reinforced the ideal into reality by continuing ongoing management and staff meetings and the ideal became actuality

Example 2

Generally, we review all the training materials/written documents to see how current they are and more importantly how they are being used with the staff members. And even further we like to have key staff members review the docs to get their invaluable input. Then, we implement with all of the staff and have found significant buy in and application into their daily work.

Example 3

We teach a system for ownership and management how best to hold staff and themselves accountable by conducting formal written reviews as well as monthly one on ones. We have seen key members improve their results in several areas to include sales increases, financial results, attitude and the like.

Example 4

Rewarding success and achievement whether it is through thank you’s, money, gifts, or some other form of recognition on an ongoing basis has worked in terms of attitude and productivity. We have found that the written documentation of success is critical for management to prepare and for the staff member to see.


This work starts with owners and managers. Are these key people on the same page? I’ve seen in independent operators that there are deficiencies in this area. Let us help you with some of the coaching and training of not only managers but staff as well. It is an investment that will pay large dividends in the longer term. Call me at 206.679.1037 to further discuss the process.

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