Leslie Dillon

Leslie Dillon

Chef, Menu Development, Foodie

Leslie Dillon has over twenty-five years of experience in the food industry, having served as a chef, a culinary director, and a consultant for a long menu of different restaurants. She has brought her aptitude for creating innovative dishes to InnovAsians Cuisine Enterprises, Sodexho, Noble House Hotels and Resorts, and many other clients.

Be it pizza or fine dining, Pan Asian or Mediterranean, vegan or barbecue, casual buffets or fine dining, Leslie knows what it takes to make a meal into a memorable experience.

Leslie is excellent at developing turn-key restaurant manuals, food and alcohol menus, prep sheets, recipes, and everything else it takes to get a restaurant running like a well-oiled machine. She can also provide FOH support and training documentation and troubleshoot BOH costs and labor issues.

If your own restaurant could do with a little polish or a complete makeover, let our own food and drink guru do for you what she has already done for dozens of satisfied clients!

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