Overview – Areas of Work

What we Do

1. We build brands from the ground floor up to make them have broad appeal.
2. We revitalize brands from the inside and out and make them appealing to the marketplace.

How We Do It

Firstly, we need to define our concept in a few words so that there is clarity. This is done via a brief cluster of words such as “Italian Café, Pan Asian Café, Hunan Chinese Café,” etc. As needed, we will develop a full-blown business plan and/or an abbreviated executive summary which serves several purposes. Firstly, you, the owner/developer better define where you are going and how you are going to get there-doing this written work allows you time to think through all the nuances of the project; it is also a good piece to give to landlords, investors, suppliers and the bank.

The Areas of Work

We need specific concept work which includes these topics and answering these questions:

  • Real Estate (for new locations) – How do I get the “right” location on the “right” terms & conditions?
  • Design (look & feel)-How am I to have a contemporary look and feel and still maximize my capital expenditures?
  • Menus (food & beverage)-How do I have a contemporary menu that is easier to execute and is cost efficient?
  • Management Team – How do I work with management so they can be better?
  • Staff Recruitment & Retention – With the shortage of labor how am I to staff my restaurant?
  • Technology – How do I leverage technology into my operation?
  • Financial Metrics – How do I maximize my profits in both the short and long term?
  • Marketing – How do I gain brand awareness and acceptance in the public’s eye?

List of Key Items

Real Estate

  • Demographic Study – Does the population fit your concept?
  • Sales Projections – What can you do in terms of sales at this location?
  • Capital Cost – What will it cost me to build out this location?
  • Sizing – What is the right amount of square footage for my business?
  • Visibility, Parking, Ventilation, access to Utilities, etc. are questions that need to be answered
  • Funding – We have public and private funding available.


We assist you on all phases of design with an architect.

  • Architect – assist on design development
  • General Contractor – assist in negotiating the pricing
  • Guest Flow/Staff Flow
  • Equipment Plan
  • Bar Design
  • Furniture, Art, Finishes, Lighting, etc.


  • Write Menu
  • Kitchen Design match up to Menu Direction
  • Recipe Development
  • Food Costing
  • Plate Presentation
  • Labor Efficiency to Prep & Produce
  • Beverage Menus – Specialty Cocktails, Beer offerings, Wine offerings
  • Written Documentation – Heath & Safety, Job Descriptions, Order Guides, Inventory Control, Open/Close Checklists, etc.
  • Kitchen Hiring/Training – Follow Up


  • Training & Coaching
  • Operational Documents – Employee Manual, Documentation Forms, Checklists, Training Guides, etc.
  • Fiscal Responsibilities
  • Sales Building
  • Interviewing & Hiring processes and techniques
  • Cash Flow Management


  • Use of resources to find employees
  • Staff Retention
  • Staff Productivity
  • What & How to Train to gain better productivity
  • Develop operations manual so as staff and management know what is expected, how to do it – a road map to success.


  • Order & pay by phone with the elimination of a paper menu and more guest control of the situation. Quicker table turns and higher guest check average.
  • Handheld POS Devices – We have seen guest throughput be enhanced by 10% on the low end but closer to 20%. Waiting lines dissipate and guest drinking, eating, and paying is quicker.
  • Kitchen Equipment – We develop methodology with the new cooking technology to produce the plates

Financial Metrics

  • Develop/Implement Operating Budgets
  • Set up bookkeeping system
  • Implement weekly management operating report
  • Troubleshoot areas of concern
  • Cash management


We have several resources that assist with getting the word out to the public and generating attention:

  • Social media
  • Web design
  • Influencers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Public Relations
  • Promotions-holidays, tastings, special events, etc.

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