The Steps

  • Evaluate the various POS systems that are available
  • Bookkeeping-we would recommend an online bookkeeping/accounting system with proven track record and help you set it up and monitor it.

To ensure profitability and the ability to control costs, restaurants need a broad variety of record-keeping and accounting systems to be in place. Without such systems, you can delight your customers with a wonderful dining experience and still lose money.

Your business requires sophisticated systems to account for the “people” side of it. There must be compliance with various state and federal regulations governing elements such as payroll and tax reporting and personnel records maintenance. Need related to Human Resources range from scheduling shifts to monitoring labor costs to evaluating productivity. We continually survey the industry to keep abreast of optimal Management Reporting and Accounting tools to help with these tasks.

You also need to be prepared to monitor and account for your operational activities, such as budgeting; inventory procedures, forms, and controls; and Balance Sheet and Income Statement preparation. You further need to be able to project ideal food and beverage costing. We know the accounting and bookkeeping software, systems, and procedures that will accomplish these objectives and more. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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