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Concept Development & Business Plans

We consider consumer trends and target markets as we help you develop a thriving concept for your restaurant. A sound business plan including defined budgets, marketing and pricing strategies, training programs, and more will also be key to your success.

Evaluations & Turn Around Strategies

Whether it’s enhancing your current operation or a major turn around, we can help. We’ll conduct a comprehensive feasibility study that will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your restaurant. We’ll then offer solutions for maximizing your restaurant’s potential.

Develop & Build New Restaurants

Starting a new restaurant is both an exciting and overwhelming experience. We can help you from the ground up – from floor plans and construction to furniture and fixtures. We’ll guide you through the critical decisions and will facilitate the overall process.

Service & Management Training

A well-trained staff is imperative. We educate managers on the essentials of hiring, training and maintaining expert staffing. We offer training seminars on how to maximize sales and productivity, and also have the up-to-date information on labor laws and tax management.

Food & Beverage/ Menu Development

The food and beverage choices you offer, and their proper execution, will truly define your restaurant. Our consulting chef will help you develop a great menu, and we will make pricing and menu design recommendations to ensure profitability and satisfied customers.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Point of Sales

We can make restaurant accounting easy, effective and efficient. We offer system recommendations for bookkeeping, balance sheets, inventory and personnel records—everything you need to keep your restaurant running smoothly.

Real Estate & Finance

Whether one is trying to find a new or used location we can be of assistance because of the many real estate agents and real estate developers we are connected to. We have a sister company, Hesch & Shain, Commercial Brokers (, who can assist you in acquiring a better new or used site. We are connected to many landlords since we have placed so many operators in sites so we leverage these relationships to our client’s advantage.

Sales & Marketing

Since our inception in the early 1990’s the most commonly asked question is “what can I do to increase my sales”. The demand has been so large that we now work with two very experienced marketers whose full time job consists of increasing sales for our clients.

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