The First Step in any successful Brand is to be able to define the Brand in an “elevator” speech that takes under 30 seconds and get the point across. Once accomplished then we can discuss the specifics that sets your concept apart.

The Second Step is to define the Brand in terms of imagery which pertains to not only the design of the space itself but the graphic package, logo, and website.

Once complete we can switch our focus to marketing. There are 3 phases to any marketing plan:

  1. Pre-Opening
    This is the time we talk about the Brand to the public. We set up the website, social media and go out to the community and the press to tell them about what is coming. We do contact “influencers” and food bloggers who can help spread the word.
  2. Grand Opening
    Upon opening we want all the above complete and working. We add various point of sale to the mix to include food displays, window graphics, interior graphics, uniforms, music, cleanliness standards, and hospitality standards.
  3. Post Opening
    Essentially this is an ongoing process of the Grand Opening items. Follow up and consistency are key to successful marketing that has impact and drives the sales.

Since our inception in the early 1990’s the most commonly asked question is “what can I do to increase my sales”. The demand has been so large that we now work with two very experienced marketers whose full time job consists of increasing sales for our clients. We have found most if not all operators are experts in managing their restaurants. We ask them the question, “What do you do to market your restaurant?” and normally get a reply that is void of a plan or much effort.

We then come in and survey the situation and develop a plan of action for them that encompasses advertising, public relations, local store marketing and in-store merchandising. We develop a budget and a timeline and help them project what their increases in sales might be. We have found this process to be quite successful bringing increases in sales in short order.


  • To develop a Brand
  • To generate trial
  • To increase repeat business

Marketing is Advertising, Public Relations, Local Store Marketing, and In-Store Merchandising. RGI uses these four elements to enhance one’s marketing program and to increase their visibility in the community. The following is a list of the items RGI specializes in to meet/exceed a restaurant’s sales objectives:

Guest Relationship Management

Guest feedback is important for management to best understand how they are doing in the eyes of the guest:

  • Obtain, chart, and monitor guest feedback
  • Respond to guest feedback via letter/phone call or email

Banquet Sales

Restaurants often overlook this sales opportunity. Given the space a restaurant has then can boost sales significantly as well as the bottom line.

  • Develop Sales & Marketing plans for private dining and banquests
  • Be in touch with Meeting Planners throughout the region
  • Obtain guest feedback and respond with e-newsletters or some other form of communication

Brand Development

This is who you are: From the type of people you have working at the restaurant, the way they bond with the guest, how they look; how the signage and logo are, the coloration, the music the guest hears, et al. Most of the time a Brand Statement white paper is written so everyone is on the same page:

  • Brand statement development to ascertain individual identity
  • Name/Logo, menu design, point of purchase, signage/awnings, website development
  • Uniforms, music, colors


In today’s world this is an absolute necessity. We enhance the utilization of the web for people searching for dining opportunities. It does enhance business as well as the Brand:

  • Development
  • Optimization of usage by marketplace
  • Uniforms, music, colors


The first step is to determine target consumer group and to purchase media that “fits” them:

  • Usage of media to include radio/TV, outdoor, print, et al
  • Maximize purchasing efficiency


The biggest element in a restaurant is how the guest is treated. We develop service programs to enhance guest repeat business. Some of the other items we do include:

  • Happy Hours-early and late
  • Point of purchase materials
  • Menu graphics and printing

Hotel and Condo Concierge Outreach

  • Build relationships within the community.
  • Visit these people monthly or even twice a month for informational updates on what is going on at the restaurant.
  • We will include them on your email list to forward any promotional information

Local Community Outreach

  • Build relationships within the community.
  • Local businesses/offices, retailers, residences
  • Chambers, Downtown associations, schools, civic organizations

Public Relations

The public needs info on who you are and what you are doing. To this end relations with the media are important.

  • Develop events for the restaurant may they be wine tastings, cooking classes, charitable fund raisers, et al
  • Press releases talking about events
  • Manage the events

Please call us to have us for a free survey of how your marketing program is doing for you and what is needed to enhance it and the results you are receiving.

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