The Steps

  • Set menu direction with client/write the menu
  • Design the kitchen
  • Prepare all items to client for review for flavor, appearance, texture, price, and cost.
  • Upon approval-Write final recipes.
  • Pick dishes, utensils, and glassware within a predetermined budget.
  • Interview/hire kitchen manager.
  • Select kitchen smallwares with kitchen manager.
  • Develop final recipe booklet with ingredient list (with vendors), recipes, pictures, pricing, and cost of goods.
  • Develop ideal food cost with kitchen manager.
  • Develop training plan with kitchen manager.
  • Develop prep list.
  • Develop kitchen schematic for front line and storage areas.
  • Hire/train staff.
  • Select food & beverage vendors.
  • Develop graphic presentation of menu(s).
  • Create and show food presentations to service staff.
  • Orchestrate mock services.
  • Open restaurant.

Your menu, and the foods and beverages it represents, are the very core of your restaurant business and will be critical in determining your success or failure. However, the food and beverage development process includes more than just item and menu creation. The process must also include hiring standards for key kitchen personnel, written operating manuals, and staff training.

When it comes to what you’ll serve, you’ll need to develop a food and beverages concept that is consistent with your overall restaurant theme. This concept will in turn drive your kitchen design and equipment selection. You then need to develop menu categories and items, determine pricing, and create and test various recipes.

Once the above tasks are accomplished, the actual menu must be engineered. Since it is the one marketing piece of your business that will be seen and touched by every one of your customers, it deserves significant attention. It should reflect a design that is consistent with your restaurant’s concept and ambiance.

We can help you ensure that all these steps are followed in the proper sequence, and troubleshoot obstacles that arise along the way. Such careful and thoughtful planning will put your restaurant well on its way to success!

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