Hospitality is Key

Are you thinking about advertising your establishment to the public to generate revenue? Before you actually spend the money to do this, look at spending some dollars in house for service training. Providing excellent customer service is a great way to sell your restaurant and develop returning customers.

There are three key components to hospitality. The first component is the initial greeting to your customers. It should include an inviting smile with a friendly greeting. If I were to come over to your home for dinner, you would greet me at your door with a smile and a welcome. This same greeting should be demonstrated to every customer that walks through the front door of your establishment.

The second component of hospitality is anticipating and meeting your customer needs. Once I have entered your home for dinner, you would provide me with a verbal list of what you have to drink. You would probably ask me if I would like a glass of red wine from the bottle you purchased specifically for this dinner or what you remember is in the refrigerator. The point here is your service staff should suggestive sell what you provide at your establishment. Servers should never ask a customer, “Do you want something to drink?” Suggestive sell a drink that the establishment features. It could be something as simple as fresh brewed French roasted coffee versus just coffee.

Specific appetizers, entrees and desserts should all be suggested to the customer. Counter service establishments should provide hospitality. Do not wait for the customer to tell you what they want. Entice and encourage them to try your specialty. Promote it and sell it.

Check-backs with your customers are important. Make sure servers look the customer in the eye’s and ask them if they are enjoying their specific meal. If the meal has hardly been consumed, your customer may not have liked it. Do everything you can to ensure your customers are satisfied. This will dictate whether or not you will have a repeat customer.

The third and final component of hospitality is the thank you, farewell and invitation to return. Be grateful. Thank your customer for coming in. Say “good bye” and invite them back. Too often a greeter in a sit down establishment is sent home early to save on labor dollars, so there isn’t anyone at the door to provide this hospitality. Management and remaining service staff need to provide this component to your customers. As I leave your home you would escort me to the door thanking me for coming and would probably say “we’ll do this again.” The same holds true for your customers.

Once you have reviewed this with your staff and you are satisfied this is being accomplished, you can be assured the money you spend on advertising will ensure your customers will return.

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