Successful Marketing

Marketing Mantra is: Build Sales, Enhance the Brand and Develop Repeat Business

We see many restaurants getting on the advertising and marketing bandwagon these days because their sales are less than desirable (down). They are having a hard time paying for their fixed and variable costs and they would like to make money. It is difficult to continue to cut expenses. So they have changed their tactics somewhat.

Many now realize that they are going to have to invest funds to make more money. Simple as that. There doesn’t seem to be the resistance to this approach that we found when economic times were better. When developing and implementing a marketing program we have seen results range from adequate (low to mid single digits), more than adequate (within the low to high double digits) and downright stunning (into the 20’s).

What do I do and where do I start? 

  1. Plan your destination – where do I want to wind up?
  2. Develop a strategy for getting there – what are we going to promote?
  3. Develop a comprehensive plan including media, public relations and local store marketing.
  4. Determine a timeline and budget.

Every new marketing campaign is an investment that has to pay a return.

Track results and measure returns. If the campaign is not working, then move on. Start over. Marketing is not an exact science. It is trial and error. If it is working, pour on the fuel to further increase sales.


It is helpful to use an agency who has done this before. Trying to do it alone is very cost inefficient if you’ve had little to no experience doing it. Call me at 206.679.1037 and I can point you in the right direction.

Be sure to differentiate your Brand from others.

Determine the compelling reasons for the marketplace to visit your establishment. This can/should be about food & beverage, service, environment, etc. List the CR’s out on paper. Discuss with staff. How do they feel? Branding is a way to get consumers to identify a number of desirable qualities and traits with your product. Consumers should identify your establishment and products as different, better and special.

Be Sure to Define Your Target Market(s)

Develop a campaign around attracting the people you want to frequent your establishment. Be sure to spend the vast majority of your very precious dollars attracting these people and not some market that doesn’t have many people in it.

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