Employee Retention & Productivity

Improving the Results of your Staff

I continually am reminded about three items from my clients:

  • How difficult it is to obtain good employees
  • How to keep your team
  • How to keep them performing at a high level

How to be More Efficient with your Staff and Achieve Desired Results

Many operators have worked at keeping their key people growing right along with them. I’ve come up with what I believe the MAGIC is for retention and productivity.

1. Develop Clear Written Objectives – This is going to take some thought and quiet time but worth the effort you will put into this. Describe how you would see some of the key segments of your operation which could include the following:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Service and Hospitality
  • Management
  • Staff
  • Sales
  • Profits
  • Other – Create your own items that you feel are important to your operation

2. Evaluate Current Conditions (Gap Assessment) – Assess where you, your management and staff are in terms of achieving your end objectives. Determine the gaps in each one of the objectives.

3. Determine the Plan to Narrow the Gaps – If your idea is the managers and staff need replacing and we need to get better people discard this idea. It doesn’t work. You need to take your existing management and staff and work with them to achieve these objectives.

4. Coach to Success – These objectives are going to be adjusted throughout the year based on conditions changing. Have very frequent (weekly) informal conversations about performance.

Focus on strengths and provide feedback on things that the staff can change in the way they see the operations.

5. You are the Head Coach – Coaching your key managers to success is an ongoing day in/day out process. It requires honest and candid discussion which means both talking and listening to your managers and at times your staff.

We can coach you on this and show you how to lead a meeting with your key people and how to do the follow up to achieve maximum results.

6. Celebrate Success – Help with areas that are deficient. Encourage and listen to your staff’s dilemmas. Always find and discuss successes.

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